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Dusty Depot is an unnamed location (but previously named as Dusty Depot) on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. The location can be found to the north of Dusty Divot in grid F5. The location was introduced in the v1.6 update on September 9th 2017. Dusty depot was previously a terrain partially surrounded by walls with three hangars until the update of May 1st, when the main meteor hit just south off Dusty Depot which caused the blue hangar to be destroyed, and the gray hangar to be severely damaged. The location is well known because of its central location and because it is the spot where the main meteor hit.

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Dusty Depot is a remain of the old Dusty Depot. Before the update of May 1st, Dusty Depot was a terrain with three hangars. The one in the south was the blue hangar that was later destroyed. The hangar had entrances on the east and west side. The gray hangar was to the north of the blue hangar and was parallel to the blue hangar, there was a small alley in between the two hangars. Then there there is the red hangar which is still mostly intact. The red depot is to the north of the gray one and also has a small alley in between itself and the gray hangar. After the meteor hit just south of Dusty Depot the blue hangar was completely destroyed. The gray hangar was also badly damaged, The floor of most of the hangar has been destroyed, The metal roof is ripped open and the entire southern wall has been destroyed. Some containers that were in the hangar have fallen into the crater and can still be seen. The red hangar was slightly damaged by the meteor; There are some cracks in the walls and ceiling but the damage isn't as bad as the blue and gray hangar's damage.

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